Tourist market research

DRB consulting company offers tourist market research in Poland. We have many years of experience in conducting this type of research. The results of tourism research and analyzes presented by us allow to improve the quality of services offered, increase customer satisfaction and determine the expectations of tourists in the industry. The conclusions from the tourist market research allow to define tourism policy at the local, regional and national level.
We will realize:

Examination of the tourist model (number of people, length of stay, expenses),
Study of the recognition of regional tourist brands,
Research on preferences in the field of leisure activities for tourists,
Research on expectations regarding the tourist offer,
Research on the use of information sources on the tourist offer,
Survey of clients’ opinions on the quality of tourist services, including hotel and catering. Research methodology.

We carry out research using quantitative, qualitative and mixed techniques:
CATI telephone surveys with the participation of respondents such as clients, entrepreneurs from competing companies or industry experts. CAWI – surveys that are carried out online. It is the fastest way to obtain information from representative groups of respondents;
PAPI – quantitative research using paper questionnaires;
IDI individual in-depth interviews conducted with the participation of an experienced moderator.
FGI – group interviews, commonly known as focus. They allow to obtain information about the needs as well as hidden motives of customer purchasing behavior;
Mysterious Client – thanks to this method, we can verify the quality of service in sales offices and check the level of compliance with standards

Tourism market research is the key to the evaluation of services offered. Opinions about such services are a convenient way to get to know about consumer needs, expectations and preferences. Declaration of brand loyalty is an important determinant from the point of view of building relationships on the tourism market and planning marketing actions. Having many years of experience, proven methodological and IT facilities, we provide you with a comprehensive customer satisfaction survey which includes their level of satisfaction with stay, opinion and brand loyalty.
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