DRB Research agency offers CAPI research in Poland and Europe – direct interviews with respondents using a computer or other smartphone device. The essence of the Poland CAPI research is to conduct interviews through personal contact with the respondent, using a laptop or smartphone. In Poland, we have 300 trained interviewers and 16 coordinators supervising their work. The advantage of this research is the fact of precise geolocation of data collection, eg a district, a street, a specific town, a supermarket or a shopping center. Our experienced pollsters, trained by DRB in Poland, have the opportunity to present to the respondent a wide range of multimedia materials as well as physical samples of products.

High quality of collected empirical data built through direct contact with the respondent gives a 100% guarantee of the highest quality of the project.  It is also worth adding that the surveys are carried out with great care, because each of our interviewers before going on the field takes part in a thorough online training. Our qualified interviewers are communicative and empathetic enough to hold respondents’ motivation to provide the most thought-out, honest answers.

Polish CAPI research perfectly find their application in marketing research. For this purpose, audiovisual materials are used. As the paramount market research leader in Poland, we use our own proprietary software for collecting field research – DRB Support. This has a significant impact on reducing the costs of a given project. Our specialists, who have this program, can change the questions in the questionnaire, show or play the researched multimedia materials, such as: films, photos, music. Thanks to CAPI field research in Poland, including tablets, we have the opportunity to carry out field studies in households, on the streets, stops, shops or even on farms. Using our wide range you have a one hundred percent guarantee that everything will be refined on time with the highest quality. Each project is treated individually and will be professionally made using the appropriate research method.

Trust the specialists and let us realize your Polish quantitative research project together.

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