FMCG Market research

The DRB Polish Market Research Agency offers FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) research. To create an ideal business perspective and to maintain competitiveness, our company has an overall picture of market trends as well as analysis of consumer demand and buyer behavior. Having many years of experience, we are able to face the specification of different work’s styles that must be applied in Polish FMCG research. It is very important to be able to work as a team. The openness of our employees makes the flow of information fast and incremental. Our qualified staff regularly puts forward to upgrade their qualifications and rapidly develop their abilities. We put on new challenges and tasks. We can listen to the needs and predictions of new clients. We work with the largest companies and corporations in Poland to satisfy the fundamental needs of the clients.

FMCG Market Research
FMCG Market Research
FMCG Market Research

We prepare reliable and detailed market analysis for specified products and services. As a company with many years of experience, we are able to set goals and consistently pursue to achieve their aims. It is described as industries with good and fast-moving products at relatively low costs. Its development on the market is fast as well as dynamic.

The largest producers in the field of fast-moving products operating on the Polish market include Maspex, Nestle, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Mondelēz International, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Kinder Bueno, Lays, Mars, Snickers, etc. The main characteristic is a quick response to rapidly increasing expectations and changing consumer needs.

The FMCG market in Poland is not an easy field for conducting such business, because competition is very big here. The specificity of the FMCG sector is also underlined by the requirements and pressures that are placed on the quality of products. This is mainly related to Poland’s accession to the structures of the European Union and therefore compliance with strict standards.

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