Hall Tests

DRB Polish Market Research Agency offers Hall Tests in Poland – quantitative interviews associating a large number of respondents in one hall. DRB Research company has a professional team of experienced specialists in conducting tests using the Hall Tests method. We guarantee precise testing of product and packaging tests on a large group of respondents. Emphasizing the reliability and method of conducting the product and service test in Poland, we offer live online transmission of the research, straight from the venue where the project is conducted. So there is no need to come in person to the place. Our additional advantage are fully equipped rooms in the center of the largest Polish cities: Warsaw, Wrocław, Kraków, Poznań, Katowice, and Bełchatów.

Thanks to Hall Tests we conduct: tests of flavors, product tests, packaging tests and advertising tests. In the product or packaging testing method, we reflect real conditions of the store. A very important factor in choosing a place is its size and its atmosphere. This is why we arrange our research rooms by imitating store interior and so the products look like on the store shelf. Hall Tests is a quantitative research method including 100 or 200 profiles of respondents, assessing a product, service or advertisement in one hall. Hall Tests is also very effective in the case when products or services just launched on the market.

Product and service test take place in specially prepared halls, usually in the city center, in the presence of several interviewers, managers and clients. Respondents, based on what they see, evaluate a given product by completing a survey. When testing the flavors of products, we place great emphasis on keeping the tested product at the right temperature and in specially adapted containers. Therefore, DRB Research team has a kitchen designed for this purpose. We aggregate / analyze and report results from product and service test. The test report will be used by the client for modification, product, packaging or advertisement, which will increase sales. Usability Tests method in Poland is a particularly useful methodology for the FMCG market.

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