Ethnographic Research



DRB Polish Market Reseach offers ethnographic research in Poland using state-of-the-art technologies and research techniques. This research differs from traditional research in that it always takes place in the natural environment - at the informer's home, at the place of sale, work, school, etc. In this way it is not only that informers feel more relaxed, but also provide the opportunity to compare declarations with reality, natural behaviors, non-verbal facts, etc. Ethnography deals with social cognition of people in direct contact with them over a period of time through conducting participant observation and conducting interviews. It is ethnographic to understand and interpret social activities in the process of coleration with planned marketing activities.

With our researchers, whose goal is to obtain neutral observations, we require a lot of reflexivity. In ethnography in Poland, we try to answer the question of how it affects the subject of your research as well as its description. The researcher's skills in the field are important, considering the many pitfalls, the researcher must be objective and remain an outsider. The main features of ethnographic research in Poland are: an attitude towards exploration of phenomena, flexibility during conducting the research, as well as conducting a study in the natural environment of the subjects. Therefore, Polish ethnographic research is most often used in tests of: products, packaging, evaluation of durability of packaging, as well as during the assessment of new concepts and consumer solutions.

The advantages of ethnographic research in Poland are richer information sources on social life. If the study provides the information you need, you may find that other methodological studies would not be so successful. When the researcher understands the group and he trusts them, he can learn more about their behavior, structure and customs that are needed in the study. Ethnography is included in qualitative research (qualitative research is aimed at looking at the "outside world", ie the reality studied in its natural surroundings, as well as describing, interpreting and explaining social phenomena from an internal perspective in many different ways) as its goal is subjective understanding and interpreting the situation and not collecting quantitative data. The researcher in this research method has greater freedom than other research methods. Trust our specialists and become a customer of DRB Research Market in Poland. Check our options, please contact us.