Ethnographic Research

DRB Polish Market Reseach offers ethnographic research in Poland, which aim is to focus on large cultural groups of people who interact over time.  It is a direct observation of behaviours and perceptions that occur within groups, teams, organisations, and communities in their natural environment: home, work, school, etc. It may involve a full immersion of the researcher in the day-to-day lives or culture of those under study.

Etnographic research provides a rich source of visual data and helps to reveal unarticulated needs. During this study participants feel more relaxed and provide the opportunity to compare declarations with reality, natural behaviors, non-verbal facts, etc.

With our researchers, whose goal is to obtain neutral observations, we require a lot of reflexivity. In ethnography in Poland, we try to answer the question of how it affects the subject of your research as well as its description. The main features of ethnographic research are: an attitude towards exploration of phenomena, flexibility during conducting the research, as well as conducting a study in the natural environment of the subjects. Therefore, Polish ethnographic research is most often used when testing: products, packaging, evaluation of durability of packaging, as well as during the assessment of new concepts and consumer solutions.

Ethnography has its own advantages and disadvantages; however it is important to mention here that ethnography is a completely different approach of data collection wherein the collector of data is himself a participant and not an outsider. By getting the accounts of various ethnographic studies, it can be said that this approach is highly immersive and provides one with a highly transparent and original account of information. This methodology allows the culture to speak for itself which is highly important.

Ethnography is included in qualitative research (qualitative research is aimed at looking at the “outside world”, ie the reality studied in its natural surroundings, as well as describing, interpreting and explaining social phenomena from an internal perspective in many different ways) as its goal is subjective understanding and interpreting the situation and not collecting quantitative data. The researcher in this research method has greater freedom than other research methods.

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