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DRB Polish Market Research offers – Shop Along in Poland – a special type of one-on-one, in-depth interview which examines actual shopping behavior by accompaning a consumer. In this method moderator assists the consumers in visiting the store. Shopping with the researcher alongside allows the client to trace the essential elements of purchase decisions, routine routes and other processes taking place in the store. In SHOP ALONG research in Poland, the interaction between customers and products is important. Purchases are usually accompanied by in-depth interview conducted during or after a visit to the store. Assisted shopping allows you to assess the attractiveness of the interior of the store or showroom.

They allow you to obtain information about the Consumer’s shopping habits, willingness to reach for products or lack of motivation to buy them, influence and evaluate promotions and advertisements by Consumers as well as the quality and level of service in the store. First of all they let us answer the question whether customers will find exactly what they are looking for in sales places. The research tool is the observation sheet, and the collected material is subjected to a qualitative analysis. This type of research gives the best answers to questions relating to what consumer preferences will prevail on the sales market in the near future. However, it should be remembered that it is thanks to them that this market can develop in a specific direction.

Shop Along Market Research
Shop Along
Shop Along Research
Shop Along Market Research

The Polish SHOP ALONG technique is a very detailed technique. These tests can be somehow included in ethnographic research, but it should be remembered that they are more oriented in terms of the characteristics of the place in which they take place. Polish Shop Along is becoming more and more popular, which is willingly used by producers, perfecting their own products that they are launching on the market. That’s why interviews during shopping, watching Consumers and checking what is important to them and why is so significant. The SHOP ALONG research in Poland allows the introduction of new quality in the field of market research. DRB Poland Market Research can meet your expectations. That’s why we offer a SHOP ALONG qualitative research in Poland. Feel free to contact us to arrange details.

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We offer research that provides company managers with the information they need to take strategic action in a company or institution. Depending on the needs of the Client, the adopted goals, as well as other conditions depending on the specificity of a particular company, we build sets of tools necessary to carry out research in the field of interest. The result of each study is a report on customer service and quality standards

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