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DRB Market Research deals with the market analysis in Poland, targeted at both small and large companies. Our offer is carefully selected to meet your expectations and guidelines. The goal of the market analysis is to prepare and develop key information on market topics that allow you to make rational business decisions. Our agency deals with all activities aimed at understanding the nature of phenomena and market processes, such as demand and supply, as well as relationships between them, market relations and factors that determine these relations or what affect them (eg, the state of production capacities, wages, income, product prices.) Market analysis in Poland is a way to identify opportunities and threats for the company, including: analysis of current markets in Poland, consumer behavior, trends in product development, and others, selected aspects of both external and internal environment of the enterprise.

Market analysis in Poland prepared by DRB research agency is characterized by high level of expertise and detail. We select appropriate research methods for each type of analysis. When conducting a Polish market analysis, we rely on open sources of information ( legal and public, although not always free of charge). They are among others official registers and lists, financial statements, trade press, information provided by enterprises, including, for instance management reports, stock market reports, marketing messages and others. Data and information obtained through the desk research method are supplemented by interviews with experts and telephone (CATI) and field research.

The important aspects of the analysis of the company’s environment are: – size, structure and dynamics of operations, – dynamics of turnover in the period covered by strategic planning, – current and intended to achieve the position of the company on the market, – current and potential buyers, – current and potential competition. No matter if you want to start a new business or develop it, analyzing the market in Poland allows you to build a powerful knowledge base, which in turn will result in greater freedom while doing business which will significantly increase your chances in the sector. The more reliable way you use the tools, the greater the advantage you will gain over your competitors. Do not let yourself be overtaken by others. Defeat your competitors. Use our wide range of services and get the best analysis made by our trained and specialized employees.

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