E-commerce Market research

The Polish research institute offers research on the e-commerce market in Poland. Using various methods, we examine respondents who have access to the Internet and do online shopping. When the research is completed, we present a report to the client containing detailed informations on the frequency of purchases, average shopping expenses, motivation of buyers and the most popular e-shops, as well as the popularity of payment methods for online shopping among consumers. In the case of direct research, we have 1,100 qualified interviewers and 16 trained regional coordinators who ensure that the research is conducted in accordance with the highest standards. Each of our orders is treated individually meeting the client’s best expectations.

e-commerce market research

Taking care of the highest quality of our research We would like to inform you that we comply with international research standards of ESOMAR and as the only research agency in Poland, we have the international ISO27001 Certificate. E-commerce is a concept derived from English, which means electronic commerce. It is based on concluding transactions related to economic business, which are implemented by using modern technological and telecommunications solutions. E-commerce is a relatively young branch of the economy, which is why so attractive for entrepreneurs. As the main sources of electronic sales, we include online stores, online auctions, platforms promoting group shopping, contextual advertising, and partner programs. When it comes to online store, there is a significant minimization of cost comparing to traditional sales, in addition there’s the lack of barriers related to location and seasonality.

e-commerce market research
e-commerce market

Internet business is a very interesting mix of sales, marketing, logistic and customer service operations conducted by the company – it is the only right way and on a high level implementation of all of them TOGETHER that can bring an effect in the form of e-commerce success. The aim of E-commerce research in Poland is to analyze the online shopping market. It is certainly worth taking advantage of the opportunity and exploring the Polish e-commerce market to make better use of e-commerce business, so we encourage you to contact DRB Market Research in Poland to discuss the details.”

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