Transport and logistics

DRB Market Research Agency offers transport and logistics research in Poland. We carry out research from many interesting departments in this industry: TSL software research, destination of goods, organization of own work, quality of services, ability to cope with stress, customer orientation, office packages services, knowledge about new trends in the industry. Research carried out in this industry is for companies dealing with road transport of goods, as well as their storage and activities supporting these processes. Conducting Polish transport and logistics research is characterized by an extremely wide range regarding many different aspects of business.

The specialized employees of DRB Research most often carry out surveys of residents’ opinions on the influence of the forwarding company on the environment, price audits, research on new product concepts, research on use of products and services, passenger satisfaction surveys, research of the image of service providers, and research on security elements for logistics and transport in Poland. The process of conducting the research from the last mentioned segment, i.e. research on security elements for logistics and transport consists in obtaining opinions of passengers, suppliers and recipients. Research from the above area may also concern the basics of planning the “sustainable mobility” in Poland. In order to conduct Polish transport and logistics research, our experienced specialists use both quantitative and qualitative methods.

To the representatives of companies from the transport and logistics industry, we offer a report covering profound results and reports for specific enterprises, regions and even the international market after the completion of the research. The possibility of receiving a report is an undisputed advantage, taking into account the specificity of the transport and logistics industry, which is constantly undergoing constant development. The impact is also growing on the local or national economy. Therefore, the result of the research carried out in the area of ​​transport and logistics is an extremely detailed and insightful assessment allow to draw conclusions for the future.

We invite you to cooperate and take advantage of the offer that DRB Market Research in Poland.

DRB Market Research in Poland and Europe
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