Medical market RESEARCH

Polish DRB research institute represents our offer of implementation the medical market research in Poland, dedicated to the healthcare industry. The medical market is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. It is particularly important to introduce innovative solutions for both customers and the business environment. Therefore, in order to its well function, research support is required. The experience and knowledge of our researchers are important elements of reliable and credible research. In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we provide an individual approach and a precise analysis medical market. As part of the research of the medical market in Poland, we use various analytical methods and techniques – so that the obtained conclusions are as objective and reliable as possible.

medical market research
medical market research
medmarket research

We analyze current processes within a given area, we forecast trends regarding future phenomena. We conduct competitive analysis and Polish demand research, which allows to determine the legitimacy of introducing new medicinal products and medical equipment to the market. We conduct research among medical doctors, patients, hospital managers and opinion leaders in Poland. We work with medical consultants, we advise companies and institutions from the medical and healthcare market, as well as the manufacturers of apparatus and medical equipment. We carry out research with the highest standards of professional ethics and data protection. We carry out research into the medical market in Poland, study the effectiveness of medical representatives, research the opinions and habits of patients, study consumer preferences, research about doctors’ habits in the field of applied therapies and prescribing medicines and research about doctor satisfaction.

We usually start with a qualitative measurement in the marketing research, then (if necessary) we supplement with representative quantitative surveys (CATI telephone interviews and online surveys) for the area of ​​the medical market in Poland. It allows to validate results and generalize conclusions on the entire population of consumers from target groups. After the carried out research, a report is prepared based on the opinion of patients, health care professionals and the management staff of medical facilities on the subject of existing treatment methods in a given area; a report describing the medical practice of how medicines are prescribed; report on competition. We enrich all analyzes with forecasts for the medical market in Poland for the coming years. We cordially invite you to contact us and take advantage of our rich offer.

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