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The DRB Polish Market Research agency offers fashion and clothing research in Poland. Polish fashion and clothing analysis are becoming more and more justified and popular. On the basis of such research, you can find out what clothes Poles buy, where people get information about fashion or which brands are the most popular. Another issue that Polish fashion and clothing research can deal with are matters related to when you should wear some clothes, relating to the circumstances of wearing formal outfits. We often check how the clothes affect the consumer in terms of lifestyle preferences. Fashion is more and more important, because people of all ages are more interested in looking good. Our specialized employees carry out fashion and clothing research in Poland, most often CAWI method, on the special profiled information panels.

Standard surveys, both open and closed, are also used by our researchers to conduct research on this topic. The choice of form, type and course of research depends on the number of respondents participating in the survey and the indicators that should be tested. We use a random sample of respondents. Fashion trends and the clothing industry in general are subject to Polish seasonal research. These are extremely competitive areas, so you should check the level of satisfaction of customers buying goods in a specific company and so, basing on that, specific outfits should be offered. You should also watch the consumer in terms of whether or not he wants to go to competitive companies. Fashion and clothing research in Poland are usually both qualitative and quantitative research. We take into account the implementation of: – analysis of existing data, – mobile eyetracking at the points of sale – group interviews with selected target groups.

The customer may also decide to carry out purchases assisted in Poland or telephone interviews, in which our staff has also experience. Our company also conducts Polish marketing and sales analyzes, preparing appropriate recommendations for specific companies in the fashion and clothing industry. After the completion of the research, we prepare a comprehensive report containing the results of the research, as well as recommendations for the optimization of the company’s local strategy. We also enable comparative analyzes thanks to carried out the segmentation research. Trust our specialists and join to our clients of DRB Market Research in Poland.

Trust the professionals and join the clients of DRB Market Research in Poland.

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