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The Polish research institute DRB offers the pharmaceutical market research in Poland. Pharmaceutical research is carried out with the intention of properly planning a promotional campaign for medicines. When researching the pharmaceutical market, we have to provide information necessary for effective product advertising. When conducting Polish pharmaceutical market research, we take into account many factors, typical for such industry.

The starting point in the assessment of the Polish pharmaceutical market is to check what the demand for a new drug is. To ensure superior service quality of our Polish research projects, we provide them with a recommendation that can be expressed here by such as doctors, pharmacists, patients, hospital managers, opinion leaders and other medical personnel. In this way, each of the surveyed groups give us their own sincere suggestions for such features, for example, the attractiveness of the packaging, the safety of use, the effectiveness of the drug and so, our Polish market research is at the highest quality.

In this way we investigate, for example, what is the reason for reaching medicines. Another very important element is the development of a common position, which is based on a group survey that is completed by of all participants. Respondents share their thoughts and conclusions here. The quantitative data that we obtain is based on the Likert scale. Our conclusions are also developed on cooperation with medical consultants, e.g. people who are responsible for providing information about the product and its functioning in the medical environment and taking care of high sales. Our interviews are also developed on the basis of applications provided by pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Summing up, as a result of the implementation of high quality pharmaceutical market research in Poland, it is that, the customer learns at what position he is in relation to the competition. Examining all kinds of factors that make up the company’s success is always determined by our attention to details such as: personal data protection, principles, values ​​and standards of conduct. We encourage you to familiarize with our offer and its assumptions, as we want to offer you a top-class research offer for the industry with huge research potential, which is the pharmaceutical market.

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DRB Market Research in Poland and Europe
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