Consumer insights

DRB Market Research in Poland offers Consumer Insights solutions- get to know your clients better with us. 

When doing Consumer insight research in Poland, our task is to help our Clients understand how these behaviors affect current, future and hidden needs of consumers – in other words, who are the most valuable consumers and how they behave. Every single action taken by consumers making a purchase: reviewing online stores, activity in social media, watching an advert – is one of countless data points.

The core of the issue lies in looking at reality with the eyes of the client. It is the job of our marketers to find a key to open their hearts. Most often reaching valuable insights is the result of the planned research, discussions and observations- using broad knowledge – not only from social psychology or sociology, but even psychoanalysis. We observe consumers in their natural environment which allows to fully determine their needs and find a way to improve the products they buy.

Field studies, consumer data analysis using CRM applications or focus studies are at the forefront. The combination of these methods allows our experts to draw a full-sized picture of a man who is open to the element of novelty and surprise. We offer you new opportunities to develop your brand, product or service. Thanks to our work, products should be fully usable and functional, bringing maximum benefits to its users. 

Trust us and become a customer of DRB Market Research in Poland.

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