Real estate market research

DRB agency offers real estate research in Poland. The Polish real estate market has been developing rapidly in recent years. Increases both- retail space – which means the development of new brands, popularity of Poland in terms of tourism which generates the need to build new centers. In 2017 year, nearly 90,000 flats were commissioned in use in Poland – it is up more than 14.5% than last year. At the same time, nearly 130 thousand permits have been issued for building (source). In response to the dynamically developing construction market, DRB Research conducts both -‘desk research’ – an analysis of already available data; as well as interviews, surveys, observations and experiments. The work of our specialists begins with the development and implementation of research concepts, which means to design the methodology, data collection, analysis up to reporting, conclusions and preparation of recommendations.

We will select the appropriate method for you, adequately to the research topics that construction companies should regularly carry out in order to improve the marketing decision-making process. Reports and recommendations prepared by us take into account the specific nature of your company’s operations – human resources, technical and economic resources as well as the needs of the environment. The real estate research results developeded by as are the basis for independent use as well as a base for use of the services of experts.

Examples of real estate research we have done:

– demand for construction company services
– factors that investors follow when choosing a company
– factors influencing the winning of the auction
– new technological and material solutions
– Customer satisfaction with the service provided
– causes of customer dissatisfaction in the construction and real estate industry
– description of customers
– current market trends
– competition’s operations on the market

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