The Polish DRB research agency offers research in the field of tourism. Tourism and the modern tourist market is located in the forefront of global economy, however, it requires extremely well thought-out, coherent and consistent marketing operations. Holding the right data often allows for spontaneous crystallisation of decisions. DRB Market Research Agency carries out research projects for clients representing almost all industries. Our clients are primarily Polish companies operating in the broadly understood services sector and this is the area where we have the most experience. As well as in the area of tourism, we offer a full range of marketing research. Effective support in development of tourism in the conditions of a competitive economy requires knowledge of the expectations, opinions and behaviors of participants in tourism.

DRB Research agency meets the requirements and needs of companies in the tourism industry as well. In this area, we do, among others, research tourism in Poland, trends in the tourist market in Poland, research of price elasticity, customer satisfaction (using tourist offers), as well as research on promotional campaigns and customer needs. The results of the Polish tourism market research allow us to redefine tourism policy at the local, sub-regional and supra-regional level. The conclusions taken out from research and analysis the movement of tourist allow to improve the quality of services offered, to increase the level of customer satisfaction, and to evaluate the expectations of tourists. We carry out research using all available techniques and research methods, including: computer-assisted CAPI questionnaires, PAPI direct questionnaires, CATI telephone surveys, on-line surveys, in-depth interview IDI, Diads and Triads, FGI – focused group interviews, Mystery Shopper and Desk Research analysis.

In the analysis of the tourist area in Poland, we make use of quantitative and qualitative techniques as well as mixed ones, which are complemented by the analysis of existing data. Based on experience, proven methodological and IT background as well as on many years of market observation, we will provide you with a comprehensive offer of tourism research in Poland. The tourism market research is the key to assessing and improving the offer, services offered, as well as the possibility of introducing new tourist products to the market. DRB Research in Poland has experience in conducting such research, providing a full picture of tourism and results analysis. The results of each conducted tourism market research implemented by our company provide specific answers. We invite you to use our services.

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