Sponsorship research

The Polish research agency DRB directs its offer to the units conducting sponsorship business in Poland. We offer you reliable research conduction on the effectiveness of sponsoring in Poland, which will allow you to estimate the effects that sponsorship has on brand recognition, its market position and consumer attitudes towards the products offered. For this purpose, we use quantitative research (eg CAPI, CATI, CAWI) and qualitative research (eg IDI, FGI), which will provide analytical material helpful in the search for effective solutions. Every day we cooperate with the largest public opinion research centers. Sponsorship is a modern form of advertising, gaining more and more followers. That’s why, Polish research on the effectiveness of sponsorship are very much needed, for example to assess the projects concerned and future forecasts related to them.

The methodology of Polish sponsorship research takes into account many factors. Thanks to this, it is possible to establish the effectiveness of sponsoring operations in reference to traditional forms of advertising. Polish research into image-related aspects of sponsorship determines the image of a given brand. You can also determine how sponsorship affects Consumers. Analyzes conducted by a team of DRB specialists at Polish Market Research, included in the research on sponsorship effectiveness, provide answers to questions such as: – which target groups can be reached through specific sponsorship projects? – how does the sponsoring activity affect the image of the sponsor’s brand? – how does the sponsoring operations affect consumer attitudes towards the products offered within the sponsor’s brand? – what is the advertising equivalent of media exposures resulting from sponsorship? – how does the sponsor’s brand looks like comparing to the other ones involved in the same or similar project?

The Polish sponsorship analysis is important in this topic, which examines: – the percentage of people in contact with the sponsoring project – the recognition of the top of mind brand as a sponsor of a given institution or event – spontaneous brand recognition as a sponsor of a given institution or event – brand aiding as a sponsor of a given institution or events. The offer of Polish marketing research and analysis will provide full knowledge on the legitimacy of planned and implemented promotional and advertising activities and will allow you to maximize the benefits. Thanks to the work of the specialists from DRB Market Research, you will be sure that the funds allocated for the sponsorship have been reasonably located.

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