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CAWI Online Research


DRB Polish Market research company offers CAWI online research in Poland and Europe. Due to 5 years research practice, qualified staff, rich functionality of the panel and an extensive consumer base, we do online research in Poland and around the world in every geolocation area (profiling respondents according to village, street, district or post code). The elaborated panelist profiling panel allows for precise selection of the respondents; target, for example: women, men, specific age, food preferences, specific brand name, home budget and many more.

We have to 50 million panelists in over 80 countries around the world.
We support CAWI projects by implementing them on every continent.

A big advantage of CAWI online research in Poland and Europe is the respondent comfort, any time and pace of filling the survey in their environment. In this case the respondent has more control over the filling out process, does not have contact with the interviewer, feels more comfortable, does not feel pressure and more willingly claims things than in a traditional survey. It is due to the sense of anonymity in the network. Online research in Poland and Europe works very well for all topics, even those sensitive to the respondent. Recruitment process is very fast, possible via e-mail or text message with the target of respondents registered in our CAWI panel in Poland and Europe.

We are able gather the target group almost on the same evening or the next day from the start of the study. Just a few people from the team is fully able to cope with the survey. To sum up, European and Polish online research is a technique that develops quickly. It is thanks to the rapid technological progress as well as an increasing percentage of people who have access to the Internet. The great advantage of this study is the ability to reach any selected respondents within any part of the country.

Our quality of online research

Taking care of the highest quality and transparency of our research, we comply with international research standards of ESOMAR and as the only research agency in Poland, we have the international ISO27001 Certificate guaranteeing the highest security of data processing within our organization and thus the highest quality of collected material. Trust our specialists and become a customer of DRB Research Market in Poland.

Check out our possibilities and carry out your online study in Poland with us.