Competitor analysis

DRB Market Research offers competitor analysis in Poland. This analysis is characterized by a study of the competition of a given company. The purpose of such research is to learn about the plans and objectives of competition, its strengths and weaknesses, determine how to overcome them and obtain information about the company’s chances in carrying out specific activities and beating competitors. Specialists from DRB Research Institute start their work on competitive analysis by identifying the company’s competitors on the market, determining the industry- relevant values ​​and skills, moving on to assessment of strengths and weaknesses of the company and its competitors in terms of key factors, determining the current and desired place companies on the market and developing a further operating strategy.

competitor analysis
competitor analysis
competitor analysis

The aim of comprehensive competitive analysis in Poland is to properly identify competitors through in-depth penetration into the following areas: – brand competition – branch competition -product form competition, – general competition. After completing the process of identifying competitors, we analyze four elements of a distinctive nature: – future customer’s goals, – assumptions on the company and its branch – business strategy, i.e. how the company is currently dealing with competitors, – favorable circumstances (conducive to competition) and threats. We know how important it is to determine the possible reactions of competitors if new situations occur on a given market. First of all, we determine on which market the company operates, and then we make a list of competitors, setting criteria in the area of analysis that is interesting for us for specific research. We consider each brand from competitor list in relation to these criteria.

We draw conclusions and the analysis of competition in Poland is repeated periodically to avoid a situation when the client could overlook something. We strongly encourage to use our services. Taking into account the experience and professionalism of our employees, we guarantee the best possible research methodology for the success of your competitors’ analysis project.

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