The DRB Market Research agency offers CATI research in Poland – telephone interviews with respondents using computer software conected to internet. We are the owners of CATI studio, which you can see in the advertisement. 

We offer comprehensive solutions in preparation and executing market research projects. Starting from creating a research scenario, selecting target group to an execution of interviews with summary reports. DRB research carries out CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) in a modern, fully equipped call centre studio with 20 stations in central Poland. It allows to execute a lot of interviews in a short period of time to meet our clients’ requirements. We conduct consumer, business surveys as well as interviews with various professionals. Our qualified specialists are fully trained before each project to ensure the best quality and timeliness of project execution.

Our comprehensive approach and modern, up-to-date solutions, preceded by well thought-over planning and in-depth knowledge of European market, makes us a leader in execution of a successful CATI research in Poland & Europe:

  • B2B / B2C research, consumer surveys, election polls and any customer-on-demand types of telephone research
  • large number of respondents in a shortest period of time possible
  • preparation of a competent quantitative research scenario
  • selecting the most promising and comprehensive target group
  • thoughtful interviewing conducted by skilled experts in our professional call centre
  • detailed summary reporting with a focus on customers’ requirements and expectations

The data collected is then carefully analyzed by supervisors/projects managers to draw essential conclusions and execute a proper strategy for the target group interviewed and products being tested. This allows to swiftly build up a potential buyers’ profile, learn about advantages and disadvantages of a tested product and to explore brand recognition. It’s worth mentioning that CATI research in Poland means significantly low costs.

Quality of CATI research in Poland

DRB Research have been trusted by ISO and certified with a 3 year ISO 27001 standard.
We received the certificate on the date of the entry into force of the GDPR, May 25th, 2018.

Trust our experts and join the clients of DRB Market Research in Poland.

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