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The Polish research institute DRB offers public opinion in Poland. We have extensive experience in quantitative research and in focus groups. Taking decisions are important for various social groups as it requires appropriate information support that our company provides. Polish public opinion research is one of the sources of such information. It is more important for people managing companies or institutions – they pay attention not only on the consumer’s opinion about the product, but also on the people’s opinions about various topics. The topics that dominate in these studies affect important socially areas, related to the development of local communities and various types of social initiatives.

Knowledge of Polish public opinion indicates to politicians and activists of non-governmental organizations what are the views on a given phenomenon and how much of the society shares them. Information on these views is provided by Polish public opinion research. Very often, public opinion is also called social opinion and then it mainly relates to non-politics matters, for example it may concern abortion or euthanasia. Social research in Poland makes it possible to diagnose the moods and preferences of members of society. Thanks to this knowledge, people responsible for decisions regarding public life can also undertake them by taking into account the opinion of the majority of society.

In line with what has already been pointed out, it is very important in the Polish public opinion to select the representative group that will reflect the relevant characteristics of society – the sample selection generally takes into account gender, age, education and place of residence. The appropriate size of this group is also important to be able to obtain the most reliable test results. So, the opinion surveys play a very important role. They show what people’s views are, how they perceive changes in the world, what they think about a given topic and what changes can be made to not destroying an existing opinion.

That is why such measurements are used not only in consumer or employee research but, moreover, they are also a very valuable source of information for the authorities.

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