Energy and fuels

DRB Polish Market Research Institute offers energy and fuels market research in Poland based on analysis of the market, basing on a competition check. As a professional research company, we provide an individual approach to our clients to each commissioned project. Based on knowledge and skills gained through many years of presence in the industry, we also offer support in consultancy. The analysis of the Polish energy market shows that there are many new opportunities in the field of supplying new equipment and installations, monitoring and technical condition assessment. The Polish energy industry is in a crucial decision-making moment. Polish research on the energy market conducted by DRB Research show that, Poland is a country in which the structure of electricity production has been gradually developing in recent years .

Analyzing new opportunities and challenges over the next years: the digitization of business models, new renewable technologies and multi-channel consumers add dynamics to the entire sector. In today’s world the burden of discussion is shifting from the level of industry innovation to the way of building and implementing new business models that permanently build competitive advantages and cost effectiveness. At the same time, the approach to calculating the effectiveness of incurred investments in key areas of research and development activity becomes an important issue. The DRB Research Institute, based on market analysis, shows that conventional energy, based mainly on hard coal and lignite, will be the most important segment of the entire sector for a few long years.

As a DRB research company, we carry out a market analysis in Poland and an analysis of competition on the energy market, which enables limiting the risk and taking over the initiative of a company operating in this area. The extensive professional experience of people who create DRB Research in the field of completed social and marketing research results the commitment to the high quality of services provided, especially in the area of ​​strict adherence to methodological and ethical standards set by the most important industry organizations. In our projects, we focus on respecting the rights of all participants in the research process (especially in terms of confidentiality), adherence to all methodological principles of correct research and ethical conduct in relation to the business environment.

We cordially invite you to take advantage of our wide range offer, we ensure one hundred percent satisfaction with detailed and carefully prepared research reports on each topic.

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