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Account Managers
Client service Director
Field Executive
Head of CATI Office
IT Consultant
Project Manager
Jonasz Buksztynowicz

comprehensive care of each project. mail: Tel: +48 22 275 56 28 Before: Project Manager...

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Klaudia Papuga

comprehensive conduct of qualitative research moderating research building scenarios ethnographic research manager Tel: +48...

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Sylwia Danielczyk

Supervising in the CATI office scripting of research progression reporting supervising quota...

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Justyna Pietrzak

comprehensive project support for institutional clients moderating research building scenarios ethnographic research...

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Emil Słomiński

scripting online research website care database maintainer Webmaster + SEO Tel: +48 22 275...

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Roksana Drwecka

main coordinator field network of the interviewer sharing research with regional coordinators ...

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 DRB Market Research in Poland is an innovative agency with proven research, analytical and programming resources. For years, we have been successfully dealing with the issue of practical application of market research methodology in business. We are an interdisciplinary research team composed of experienced researchers and analysts, statisticians and managers - we also have many years of scientific and business experience that allow us to effectively include data analysis methods in commercial and research and development projects.



Badania rynku w Polsce

Badania rynku w Polsce