The Polish research institute offers automotive market research in Poland based on both market and competition analysis. We have extensive experience in Polish car clinic research, focus groups with drivers, as well as mystery shopping research in showrooms and customer satisfaction surveys among fleet managers and business owners. The car clinics method in Poland uses both quantitative and qualitative research. The DRB Polish Market Research invites 100 up to 300 drivers to take part in the survey, who evaluate cars in a market hall specially designed for this type of research. During a car clinics research in Poland, we use both a quantitative method in the form of CAPI interviews, which are carried out on tablets, as well as qualitative methods in the form of focus groups.

automotive market research
automotive market research
automotive market research

We have highly specialized interviewers and an automotive moderator. For the needs of the Polish Car clinics market research, DRB Research in Poland has the ability to check different models of competitive cars in any color, as well as a professional setting in the form of lighting, carpets, and responder service. For customers watching the market research, we offer catering, office space and Internet access. We also organize focus groups and discussion panels throughout Poland and Europe. Focus groups typically consist of 8 to 10 participants and are designed to identify significant motives and underlying causes. As the basic technique of qualitative research, focus groups mainly answer questions about what important factors influence decisions. By analyzing data from focus groups, it is possible to define in a comprehensive way the decision-making process and the premises that guide consumers.

The assessment of the significance of these information is then made in quantitative market studies, which can be carried out online, or using CAPI or CATI methods. Focus groups can also be used to generate ideas for a new product, help in segmentation and positioning. Focus groups are extremely valuable in the assessment of advertising concepts and marketing communication. We use a professional qualitative office equipped with a Venetian mirror, recording equipment with the possibility of simultaneous translation and video transmission. Our team attaches great importance to understanding the client’s needs and answers all questions that bother him. We are experts in the field of qualitative research, and our reports are characterized by accurate recommendations. Offering a wide range of techniques, we have the ideal solution to your research need.

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