Pre and post tests

DRB Polish Market Research agency offers Pre Test and Post Test in Poland. This method is about checking whether the independent variable (factor) had an effect on the measurement of the dependent variable. First, we measure the initial variable, the so-called Polish pre test. Next, we introduce to the research (to the research and experimental model) an independent variable and we re-measure, the so- called post-test. The use of pre-test and post-test measurements in Poland assumes performing at least two measurements of a given variable. We use the pre-test and post-test tests in Poland to observe whether a given factor had an impact on the change in the variable over time. This kind of research is carried out most often on the same group of people / observations (dependent groups).

We conduct tests for you in order to gather as much information as possible, allowing you to assess customer satisfaction with a given product / service, to determine the anticipated effects of the product / service introduction on the market and modify the existing product or service on the market. Received data allow us to determine the consumer’s requirements for the product and matching the offer with trends and market preferences. Market research on various product features provides important tips that improve their quality in the future. This method is also intended to significantly affect the development of the company and achieve a great success.

We cooperate with the largest companies in Poland to meet the basic needs of customers. We prepare reliable and detailed market tests and analyzes for specified products and services. As a company with many years of experience, we are able to set high goals and consistently strive to achieve them. We care about customer satisfaction.

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