Car clinics in Poland

DRB Market Research offers comprehensive implementation of the Car clinics in Poland – qualitative and quantitative test in which customers are asked to provide information about a new concept or existing car model. During Car Clinics in Poland, the product is compared with existing models of competition from various brands (usually 3 to 6 cars). All vehicles are located in a closed and guarded showroom. The prototype should not be viewed or photographed. Potential and recent buyers of this segment are recruited to watch cars, indicate preferences, and present various ratings and opinions, mainly on style and appearance.

Participants of  the Car Clinics in Poland usually receive a tablet or iPad (more rarely a paper questionnaire) and are asked to rate the cars in a specific order. Depending on the research objectives and budgets, interviewers can be used to conduct surveys, especially if getting answers to open-ended questions is particularly important. Often, open questions are then used to verify relevant respondents and invite them to participate in focus groups or in-depth interviews.

Goals of Car Clinics in Poland :

  • assessment and information on how to improve new models.
  • product line planning or product line optimization, where all different models of one brand are displayed and evaluated
  • price optimization, in which consumers view cars in a vehicle class and then take part in modeling experiments with a choice.
  • land preparation for volumetric sales forecastin DRB Market Research offers comprehensive implementation of the study, starting from creating a questionnaire, through renting an exhibition hall along with professional arrangement, importing various models of competitive cars in any color range, to the very implementation of the study and its analysis.

We have experience in recruiting and conducting Car Clinics in Poland with respondents from all aspects of the automotive sector.

We conduct research in the largest cities in Poland: Warsaw, Wroclaw, Łodz, Poznan,
or at the client’s request anywhere in the world.

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