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DRB Polish Market Research offers 6 types of research in the industry of home furnishings, which are: observational studies – collecting basic data by observing appropriate people, actions and situations. Information system from a single source – is a study that combines the measurement of exposure to advertising and TV promotion (using viewers) with information about their purchases in stores (using scanners in the stores). Survey research – collecting primary data through questioning people about their knowledge, attitudes, preferences and behaviors. Experimental research – is a collection of primary data consisting in the separation of appropriate groups of objects, influencing them in a specific and different way, controlling the interdependent factors and looking for differences in group reactions.

Interview focused in Poland – a research method in which a sample of typical consumers express their reactions to the things, such as advertising or the product concept in the course of a discussion conducted by a moderator in Poland. Research sample – part of the population selected for marketing research. To conduct this type of research, a wide range of research tools is also needed, which DRB also has in its offer. There are: Questionnaire – a written form containing a set of questions asked to the respondent; mechanical devices – galvanometer (lie detector), tachistoscope (displays the image to the examined person with a length of seconds to a few seconds – after each emission, respondents describe what they remembered), Eye Tracking camera for testing eyeball movements.

At the end of the planning phase, the researcher should undertake a written test proposal. The next step in the research process of our company is the implementation of the developed plan, consisting of data collection, processing and analysis of the obtained data. After the analysis stage, the key phase of interpretation of the obtained results, inference and preparation of the research report follows. Many companies operate without formal plans. In newly established enterprises, management is often too busy to develop plans, and in small companies it may seem that planning is needed only for large corporations. In stabilized enterprises, there is often the view that since it was going well without formal planning, it is not so important.

However, normal planning can bring many benefits to all types of companies including big and small, new and mature. It forces the company to define goals and policies, leads to better coordination of efforts, gives better and controllable performance standards. Companies that obtain the best results, they plan, but in a way that does not suppress entrepreneurship. They usually prepare annual, long-term and strategic plans. We will be more than happy to assist you in the new project!

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