Focus groups

Focus groups


The DRB Polish Market Research agency offers Focus Groups in Poland, which means focused group interviews (FGI - Focus Group Interview). Focus groups take place in special laboratories, ensuring comfortable test conditions. The focus groups are equipped with the so-called "preview office" separated by a Venetian mirror. Thanks to this, the client can follow the course of the project at the place of its implementation and make comments during the course of the study. We have rooms for qualitative research in the largest cities of Poland: Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Katowice, and Bełchatów. We offer you a live online preview of the FGI projects, therefore you have 100% confidence in the highest quality of collected empirical material.

Focus groups in Poland are a popular method of qualitative research, which involves the moderator, in accordance with a pre-defined scenario, to discuss a group of deliberately selected profiles of respondents. The correct selection of participants in the discussion is the key for obtaining reliable results of the study. We gain participants through our CATI studio or facebook group "paid discussion groups" which already has over 2,700 members. It is assumed that Polish focus groups count from 6 to 12 people. Respondents may be consumers of certain products, representatives of a selected professional group, pet owners, car owners of a specific brand, etc. In addition to the common characteristic of, for example, being users of specific products or services, study participants should usually be as diverse as possible.

A common denominator while maintaining the diversity of respondents is a guarantee of achieving good dynamics of group processes, and thus also of valuable research results. Focus Groups in Poland - they can be not only the technique of exploratory research, but also the basis for formulating issues or an introduction to the work aimed at developing a questionnaire interview. FGIs can also be used to deepen quantitative research. Polish Focus Groups resemble brainstorming. Participants talk about their experiences and come to conclusions together. Our moderators are not passive leaders, but people actively involved in controlling the course of the discussion.

They are chosen according to the subject of the project, they are able to encourage participants to share their opinions, to encourage them to participate actively in the research. We stick to the scenario of the project implementation, at the same time - at the client's request - we introduce the recommended modifications of the course of the study. A single focus groups usually lasts about 2-2.5 hours. Within one project, we usually carry out one to several focus sessions. The course of the test is recorded, followed by transcription to a text file. We approach each Focus study individually and with commitment. The culmination of the FGI project is a report answering questions arising in the development of the research problem.

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