Focus groups

DRB Polish Market Research agency offers Focus Groups in Poland – gathered group of people from similar backgrounds or experiences discussing a specific topic of interest.

We specialize in conducting FG in Poland by the process of recruitment, moderation and final analysis.

FB are used to gather the public’s opinions regarding their product, service, concept or marketing campaign. This in-depth knowledge concerns attitudes, perceptions, beliefs and opinions.

Focus groups take place in special laboratories, ensuring comfortable test conditions. Thanks to so-called “preview office” separated by a Venetian mirror the client can follow and make comments during the course of the study at the place of its implementation.

We have rooms for qualitative research in the largest cities of Poland: Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Katowice, and Bełchatów. We offer you a live online preview of the FGI projects, therefore you have 100% confidence in the highest quality of collected empirical material.

We gain participants through our CATI studio or facebook group “paid discussion groups” which already has over 2,700 members. It is assumed that Polish focus groups count from 6 to 12 people. Respondents may be consumers of certain products, representatives of a selected professional group, pet owners, car owners of a specific brand, etc. In addition to the common characteristic study participants should usually be as diverse as possible. . A single focus groups usually lasts about 2-2.5 hours. Within one project, we usually carry out one to several focus sessions. The course of the test is recorded, followed by transcription to a text file.

We will support you in the overall implementation of the research, starting from the construction of the scenario through airport pickup, hotel reservation to conducting the study and drawing the appropriate conclusions.

Trust the experts and carry out more Qualitative research with us in Poland.

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