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DRB Research offers Mystery Shopper in Poland and Europe – method based on assessing the quality of products or services by visiting mysterious customers. Polish Mystery Shopping research is an effective technique in testing all sales networks and service points, e.g. banks, hotels, wholesalers, shops, beauty salons, hairdressers, restaurants, car showrooms, etc. The quality auditor goes through specialized training for each project, thanks to which he acquires the necessary knowledge to carry out a professional audit. We use solutions allowing for an unnoticeable recording of the audio / video course of each audit. Thanks to our 1000 person network of interviewers / auditors, we carry out any kind of Mystery Shopper survey.

We precisely select auditors that match to a given project. Analyzing the character traits and the personality of the person willing to take on the role of an auditor, we select it to the appropriate industry to play this role as good as possible. Depending on the implementation of the study, the auditor may be a client in the car sales salon, a patient in a medical clinic, etc. A mysterious customer visits a point of sale in which he assesses the appearance and aesthetics of the facility. It also focuses on the presentation of products. The auditor evaluates a number of behaviors that a qualified salesperson should have.

mystery shopping
mystery shopper
mysterious customer
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mystery shopper

An important step is to recognize if customer service has correctly interpreted the consumers needs. The necessary action for further analysis of the survey is to check whether the seller has the ability to suggest and encourage the purchase of goods or services. The final stage is to fill in the previously prepared observation questionnaire. It contains two groups of questions divided into closed and open-ended questions. Closed questions contain two forms: answer yes and no or the Likert scale corresponding to the degree of satisfaction with a given aspect, open-ended questions give the opportunity to describe your own comments as well as observations.

By interacting with the seller, he assesses the way of greeting and saying goodbye. We also conduct consumer opinion analysis and competition research, using, for example, the Mystery Call technique. Our Mystery Shopper study offer if it is flexible and then we can tailor it to your needs, so feel free to write to us.

Trust our experts and contact us to run Mystery Shopper surveys in Poland.

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