Luxury goods market research

The Polish research institute DRB offers research in the area of luxury goods. Producers and suppliers of luxury goods who want to make strategic decisions with the possibility of forecasting their economic consequences face the challenge of meeting consumers’ needs. DRB Market Research in Poland offers the perfect solution. We offer 7 research methods in the area of ​​luxury goods in Poland. One of the most common methods of data collection is in the form of a questionnaire. Another method is interviews. There are ones in which the contact of the interviewer and the respondent has not direct character (eg. telephone interview, internet interview), and where direct contact occurs (eg. personal interview, group interview). DRB Polish Market Research also conducts an in-depth interview. An important advantage of this interview is the possibility of obtaining detailed information on the perception of certain things and phenomena.

Polish research on luxury goods will help to observe the participant’s non-verbal behaviors and fully engage in conversation, thanks to which the demanding buyer of luxury goods will be able to manifest their individual character and satisfy the need for personalized service. An alternative solution is group interview. The main advantage is getting to know a large number of ideas, opinions reported by customers, in a short time. In the case of examining the characteristics of clients using the group interview method on the luxury goods market, there is a chance that during the interiew, opinion leaders will emerge, whose ideas may happen to be particularly important for producers of luxury goods. Their high level of knowledge about the product and future purchase decisions may cause an imitation effect among the other participants of the study.

In our offer we also have projection methods that are used to get to know things that consumers are not completely aware of or do not want to declare directly, which has a significant impact on their purchasing decisions. The associations method is worth noting the producers of luxury products, primarily because brand’s awareness in this market segment has a significant impact on the level of sales, and the high recognition and renown of the brand that guarantee the consumer additional benefits associated with social prestige. Another method of acquiring information is the systematic recording of authentic human behavior. In comparison to other research methods, these observations allow to maintain a high objectivity of measurement using measuring instruments such as a camera, audio recording or observation diary.

The next method of luxury goods research is the eyetracking method. It allows you to visualize the actual course of the consumer’s perception process of visual materials, such as websites. It is worth emphasizing that in the case of an eyetracking method, recruitment for a research project allows 5-7 clients for a reliable inference in the field of assessment of the presented visual material. We also offer neurological research methods. They have found application in the new research areas, such as marketing. We cordially invite you.

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