expert interviews

Expert interviews


DRB Polish Market Research offers Expert Interviews in Poland. They consist in conducting an interview with specialists in a given industry, where the basis of the scenario is a conversation. The level of knowledge and competences in the professional environment is different, which is why Polish expert interviews are prepared from the moderator to get to know the field in which the interlocutor is an expert. To improve our research offer, we have a number of people with broad knowledge focused on a given area of ​​the economy. Taking care of the high prestige of our company, we are always in touch and cooperate with the client to get to know the complex specialized subject of a given research.

Individual expert interviews in Poland in a given research project have a common theme, but nonetheless in each interview we ask the same set of questions in this form and order as well as we do not discuss all issues in the interview with the respondent. During the interview, we analyze precisely whether the respondent has a great knowledge on a given subject (eg in sport or politics). Thanks to this analysis, we can create realistic forecasts of the situation, our experts can answer questions, provide advice and point out new products at an expert inquiry as well as on putative areas where these products can have a big impact to succeed on the next step forward. We have extensive experience in Polish expert interviews, i.e. with doctors, bankers, and engineers, although we also encounter less typical experts such as pastors or bartenders.