expert interviews

DRB Polish Market Research offers Expert Interviews in Poland –   interviews with specialists in a given industry to obtain specific information. 

The level of knowledge and competences in the professional environment is different, which is why Polish expert interviews are conducted to get to know the new/unknown field. Thanks to it we are able to obtain limited and expert – exclusive information. 

To improve our research offer, we have contact with a wide range of specialists:  doctors, bankers, political leaders, engineers as well as less typical experts such as pastors or bartenders.

Before lounching the study our moderatiors get to know the complex specialized subject of a given research. During the interview, we analyze precisely whether the respondent has a great knowledge on a given subject. Thanks to this analysis, we can create realistic forecasts of the situation, our experts can answer questions, provide advice and point out new products at an expert inquiry as well as on putative areas where these products can have a big impact to succeed in. 

At your request we are able to get an expert from any field – contact our Research Team.

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