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Polish DRB Research Institute offers labor market research in Poland. To meet the expectations of the labor market institutions, our company has prepared a special Polish labor market research offer at an attractive price. We offer you a comprehensive analysis of the entrepreneurial sector, unemployment issues and diagnosis of the poviat situation, and the voivodeship along with the growth of development forecasts and the formulation of conclusions and recommendations. Labor market research in Poland is a useful tool for the development of enterprises. They consist in collecting and analyzing information about market processes. Based on the collected data, the causes and development trends of current and possible phenomena are suggested, which is the basis for making the right business decisions.

The Polish analyzes of labor market allow you to get information about the economic mechanisms. They can be useful, for example to determine the state of demand and supply and their relation to the price and related issues. The main reason for unemployment resulting from the economic situation is the lack of new jobs (due to insufficient number of new investments) and high labor costs. On the other hand, the main problem resulting from the human factor is the mismatch between the expectations and the needs of employers and employees, in the financial, qualifying and motivational terms. The DRB Research company offers various ways to conduct labor market analyzes in Poland. We offer analysis of company’s internal data or analysis of public statistics, e.g. from the Central Statistical Office or Eurostat.

We process the obtained data and provide the client with ready statistical analyzes in the form of tables and charts with recommendations. Our offer also includes analyzes of the market environment (eg. due to the industry or brand) and analysis of the competition before entering the Polish market. An important element is also to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the indicated segment of the labor market in Poland. Thanks to this type of research conducted by our research agency, you will receive information that is necessary when planning employment, for example, estimated data on the number of people knowing foreign languages.

Thanks to Polish labor market research, you will gain:
– a better understanding of factors affecting the market environment,
– determination of the enterprise’s strengths and opportunities on the labor market,
– determination of development priorities through analysis of the market environment and its resources
– comparison with the best companies in the industry,
– improvement of solutions in the company through the use of others’ experience,
– researching market competition,
– obtaining hard-to-find and unique information.,

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