Market segmentation

DRB Market Research in Poland Agency offers market segmentation research in Poland, which is a marketing research of an exploration nature, based on determining groups of consumers that are significant in terms of the market. It is an indispensable point of reference when formulating the company’s program on the target market. We offer our clients Polish market analyses that identify the segment in which it operates, and in which the company can operate. The products offered on the market generally are in high demand among customers with appropriate socio-demographic characteristics and with specific needs. The result of market segmentation research in Poland is the identification of customer groups most interested in the purchase of products, including the possibility of obtaining them and the possibility of maximizing sales.

The research stages of the market segmentation are:

– Identification of the presence of individual segments;

– Segments description;

– Expected sale;

– Analysis of competition;

– MIX marketing plan;

– Forecast of market share;

– Evaluation of future costs and profit;

– Selection of the target market among the identified segments.

It is worth mentioning that in the case of large companies it is not profitable to distinguish small segments, as well as the fact that too many segments may be associated with insufficient satisfaction of customer expectations. It seems optimal to conduct segmentation in Poland both in terms of population and product. In this way DRB Market Research in Poland also conducts this study. Thanks to this, the ordering party can reach the market in the shortest time, which is the most profitable for his business profile.

The company can thus adapt to the current needs of customers, having planned such determinants as: marketing strategy, price, promotion and distribution. Polish market segmentation studies conducted at our company will also allow us to observe changes taking place on a given market, with the possibility of immediate adaptation to them. This will increase the bond between the seller and the buyer.

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