Product tests

DRB Research agency offers product tests in Poland – consumer opinion surveys about products or services that are planned to be introduced to the market or to improve the quality of existing products. The research may also include competitive products for comparison purposes.

The main research issues are recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of a given product against the competition, testing the development of a new product, packaging testing, product brand research, product availability research, selecting the right product variants according to consumer preferences, and estimating the product life cycle. In the packaging test, the consumerโ€™s reaction to the packaging or the label of the product is measured.

product testing
product testing

Polish product tests are aimed at identifying which packaging design best suits the consumer, who would pay their attention to the store and who would buy it most willingly.ย  In the case of testing food products, it is important to examine the taste, smell and appearance. The most important are flavor tests , which involves the consumption of a given product and taste assessment immediately after consumption. The look and smell of the product, which should go together with the taste are also important. When testing the flavors of products we put great emphasis on keeping the test product stored and served at the right temperature.

Therefore, we have a kitchen designed for this purpose with the appropriate equipment. In this way, we are able to do testย  checks, its quality and whether it is suitable for sale. You can check the quality of food products both before launch and after some time to verify that the original standards have been maintained. Most often, tests in Poland relate to technical parameters, such as the functional range, appearance or taste, and are not combined with either the brand or the price. It means that the respondent comparing the products compares their construction in isolation from the marketing concept. Our specialists take care of the highest standard of research. The offer of DRB Market Research in Poland is addressed to a wide range of clients who will be satisfied with the quality of our services. We strongly encourage you to cooperate with our company.

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