DRB Polish Market Research Institute offers agriculture research in Poland. The offer is addressed mainly to scientific environments, research agencies, global companies in the agricultural industry as well as local distributors. We deal with analyzes of Polish agriculture and the potential of the Polish agribusiness. In projects related to Polish AGRO research, we mainly take into account expert scientific knowledge, know-how of scientists cooperating with DRB Research, quantitative and qualitative research, necessary to carry out analyzes about the condition of Polish agriculture giving accurate conclusions.

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agriculture research
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The operations of our specialists include full preparation for marketing research, through: – selection of the most appropriate method – most often it is made of interviews in the form of questions asked to farmers, – selection of respondents from comprehensively prepared to it databases, – preparation of a questionnaire with questions, – analysis of results, – detailed, reliably prepared report with results in the form of transparent statistical charts. Our company has strongly developed Polish agricultural research because this sector is thriving in our country. We have done a lot of research regarding Polish agriculture. Most often, we carry out research on Polish villages and agriculture using the CAPI and CATI studies. We work with the scientific community, thanks to which we gain knowledge and experience on specialized information about the situation and the implementation of business in the field of agriculture in Poland.

We constantly updating data. Thanks to such an extended scope of research, we can cooperate with local distributors as well as with universities, Polish or international companies. Agriculture research in Poland is carried out at every stage of implementation of products in the agricultural industry, and checking the condition of farms and their equipment. We also offer research on Polish agriculture to producers of: plant protection products, seeds, fertilizers and fodder. In addition to the research commissioned by agricultural producers, we also have to offer panel research projects. They refer to distributors or to veterinary issues. From our side, we offer you a fully professional implementation of commissioned tests with a guarantee of 100% satisfaction.

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