Finance and insurance market research

The DRB Polish Market Research Institute offers ​​finance and insurance market research in Poland. We have experience in collecting information, statistics including for: leasing companies, factoring companies, banks, debt collection companies, insurance companies, etc. Currently, market competition is very large practically in all sectors of business. In order to record constant growth and stay ahead of the competition, companies must make accurate decisions, which it is not always easy. In business, you cannot act intuitively, so the best solution is to take advantages of the opportunities offered by professional marketing research.

finance and insurance market research

They are an invaluable source of information and on their basis it is wise to make decisions about the company’s operations – it is the key to success. Thanks to that, you can make the right decisions about what to produce, in what quantity, what methods to use, what to change, how to optimize the advertising message, where to increase sales activation and what to focus on, not only in terms of the market, but also the internal situation in the company.

DRB Market Research in Poland is aware of changes taking place in the finance and insurance industry in Poland. We know how important it is for companies in this field to maintain a good company image. Research in the finance and insurance sector that we carry out relate to the positioning of the brand, because we are able to look at it through the eyes of the customer, answer what he sees, and what he expects.

finance and insurance market research
finance and insurance market research
finance and insurance market research

We undertake topics regarding: customer expectations, emotional and functional strengths of the brand, the position of the company on the general market map. We will also help to find undeveloped niches. The most important issues related to finances and insurance that are undertaken as part of the market research are:

– adapting to the market’s changing structure with numerous mergers
– characteristics of new banking institutions and new insurance companies
– appearance of competition from outside the financial market
– multi category solutions forcing the consultants to get new solutions for their Clients
– continuous and fast adaptation to new technologies
– unification of the market
– communication strategies, taking into account not only accents of the price
– structure optimization and recalculation of costs
– customer segmentation – customer satisfaction survey.

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