Durable goods research

DRB Polish Market Research Agency caries out durable goods research in Poland, including Electronics and household appliances. We offer full, professional support in the industry of durable goods marketing research in Poland, covering broadly understood consulting, preparation of market analysis and identification of consumer needs and leaders’ opinion. We present reliable results that give 100% satisfaction to our clients. The actions we undertake are aimed at diagnosing what factors affect the willingness to purchase a given product. This type of marketing research conducted by the DRB Research Institute enables the identification of features affecting consumer decisions and improvement of products or introduction of new products. Increasingly, consumers decide to trust foreign people expressing opinions in online social networks than experts. In this matter, internet forums, comments, and customer evaluations are more easily available.

Consumer behavior is determined by current trends. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive Polish analysis of the durable goods market, because customers who decide, for example, to buy electronic equipment want to use them for many years. The increase in spending on electronics is determined not only by the better financial situation of the society, but also by the willingness to surround ourselves with technological news. In Europe, smart home appliances already make 3% of the entire market. In Poland, this percentage is slightly lower, but the interest of Poles in such devices is noticeably higher. In the device’s name, the “smart” prefix allows retailers to raise its price by 50% compared to similar traditional devices.

The electronics and household appliances industry brings together many competitive producers with a smaller or larger brand, who through their products are evaluated on a daily basis by thousands of customers. However, consumers having an insight into opinions often follow them, which is why it is necessary to systematically carry out marketing research that reduces the risk of repeating the same opinions.

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