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DRB Research in Poland offers research on the functionality and effectiveness of the Education research in Poland. DRB Research is a research institution conducting interdisciplinary research on the functioning and effectiveness of the education system in Poland. The Institute participates in national and international research projects, prepares reports, prepares expert opinions and performs advisory functions. One of such areas is education. Our research has been subordinated to the main objective of the project, which is to strengthen the educational system’s capacity in the field of educational research and to increase the possibilities of using scientific research in educational policy and practice as well as education management. Research is used to create information resources for education policy – they are also designed to monitor the education system in orter to improve the education system in Poland.

Among the important issues undertaken by the research team members are issues related to the feature between teacher and student with the teaching and educational process, the effectiveness of educational methods, social inequalities and their relations to student achievement, educational aspirations of students and their parents, student motivation and issues related to processes of transition to the labour market. Issues related to educational measurement constitute the second sphere of interest of the Team. Research is conducted on mathematical measurement models and practical issues related to the creation and evaluation of educational, psychological tests and questionnaires used in social research. Issues of proper measurement of features and the validity and reliability of the whole process are the key. It has proven and useful, but also the latest and unique knowledge on all aspects of the business.

Our research in the field of education in Poland allows to win it! How do we conduct education research in Poland? Knowledge of current trends and the ability to see the emerging opportunities and symptoms of danger is the best recipe for minimizing risk in business. In implementing market research, DRB Reseach: we recognize the strategies of the largest and most experienced players; we gain knowledge about solutions used by the competition; we recognize the structure of both developed mass markets and niche markets, emerging and falling markets; we are aware that market success is also the ability to take advantage of appropriate opportunities.

Our experienced researchers: thoroughly verify the information sought by you; make accurate and reliable measurements; apply well-established and tested methods of market analysis; develop useful and transparent reports; they will diligently comply with the terms and standards of communication.

Trust our specialists and become a customer of DRB Research Market in Poland.

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