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DRB Poland Market Research offers comprehensive implementation of profiled research panels, so-called online communities in Poland. We offer construction of internet panels, recruitment of appropriate respondents and moderating the course of data collection as well as automation of salaries for registered respondents. The conversation in online communities in Poland is provoked on the principle of exchange of opinions by carefully selected consumer groups. They have to perform a number of active Polish online research, in their free time. The time for completing the task is from several days to several weeks, depending on what exactly is going on in the research, and so on its detailed specifics. Online Community in Poland allows you to combine focus groups with ethnography, because you can look at the homes of the respondents using mobile phones or webcams.

In addition, if online qualitative research is combined with online quantitative research, you can get sufficient qualitative data, enriched with quantitative data. The need to be a step ahead of the consumer is becoming an increasingly important factor. DRB Research uses an internet platform created specifically for online qualitative research in Poland. Our platforms allow respondents responses for free at any time. This is an ideal market research method that allows you to get the right data without meeting in the focus. The consumer is able to express his opinion about the brand, service or customer service at any time. Online Community in Poland research helps to build a sustainable competitive advantage.

For this purpose, we use a set of techniques and tools, including voting, online surveys, group discussions that allow you to take full advantage of the potential of marketing communities and creations. Thanks to the method of Polish Internet Communities, you can also manage a brand in the network by identifying consumer trends that can be used at the level of brand development. The Polish Online Community surveys allow you to more accurately reach all those people who are reluctant to take part in focus studies and people from outside large agglomerations. The key in online communities is establishing a dialogue with clients. Interactions are something important in today's world, also in the field of marketing. Therefore, the use of what Internet communities give is really significant.

Research using online communities in Poland can be carried out alone or in specially designed loyalty programs. They are a perfect complement to traditional methods, enriched with an element of dialogue. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our offer.