IDI – Individual In-depth Interview

DRB Polish Market Research company offers qualitative IDI research (Individual in-depth Interview), based on a thorough face to face conversation to explore the perspectives on a particular idea, program, or situation. Ideal method when your research question needs deep probing and requires one-to-one interaction with participants.

It is normally carried out in a neutral environment. The choice of location is important in the level of comfort the participants may experience.

In-depth interviews require the interviewer to be highly skilled at such data collection methods to ensure that the participants feel comfortable in sharing information authentically, that there is no data lost in the process and the quality of information collected is in-depth and thorough.

Specialized researchers working in DRB Research show great flexibility, sensitivity, empathy .The conversation is directed through the cautious introduction of sensitive topics,  where individual participants emotions, sentiments, opinions, values, etc.

The interview process is similar to a simple conversation, but specific information must be obtained. This qualitative study without a list of instructions takes the form of an informal interview – moderators focus mainly on listening to answers. The course of the conversation is adjusted to the behavior of the interlocutor. The moderator in the introduction part explains the goal of the study and also informs about the need to record the entire interview, he also explains how the acquired audio material will be used.

IDI Study is used when we are looking for information about feelings related to a product, description of impressions and thoughts. We recommend choosing a deep interview if you want to address difficult, sensitive subjects; get to know the opinions of experts or people who are difficult to access; when it is important to eliminate the influence between respondents. IDI technique works well in both social and marketing research, because it allows you to deepen your understanding of consumer habits or behavior towards a specific brand.

Do not use in-depth interviews when you are seeking quantitative data or what you want is an evidence of responses.

If you hesitate, contact us, we will help you to choose the best method.

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