Customer satisfaction

DRB Polish Market Research offers customer satisfaction research in Poland. We compare our research with the assessment of loyalty, because high satisfaction is the golden mean to obtain loyalty in the eyes of our clients. The goal of our customer satisfaction surveys in Poland is to learn about consumer behavior using a completed questionnaire.

The following research questions are formulated in it:

– What is the level of customer satisfaction of the company?

– What are the reasons for the decrease in customer satisfaction?

– What areas of the company’s activity are demanding change?

– What are the reasons for customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction?

– How to keep customers with their products and benefits?

Thanks to our qualified staff getting answers to these types of questions, we get to know the perception of a given company in clients’ eyes, both its strengths and weaknesses, or particularly valued areas.

This technique is conducive to improving the quality or increasing the range of services and products. In order to conduct the Polish customer satisfaction survey, our employees most often use the quality method in the form of organizing focus groups with users of a specific product category and users of products from the selected manufacturer’s survey, which allows us to define key dimensions of satisfaction. The next step is usually the quantitative method of illustrating the individual dimensions of this satisfaction and its global indicator with the help of percentage indicators. The conducted customer satisfaction survey allows to understand the rules of operation of consumers looking for new products, as well as those attached to a specific brand. The end result of the research is to determine key dimensions in a given product category.

We will prepare a report for you that positions this brand against the background of competing brands in terms of basic parameters related to satisfaction. In this research technique, we suggest using satisfaction indices in Poland during the research. This will allow time comparison and performance evaluation of sales departments or marketing departments. In conclusion, the Polish analysis of customer satisfaction is a very important factor increasing the likelihood of another purchase. It helps to build a positive image of the company and its reputation. When choosing DRB Research to perform a customer satisfaction survey, you have the guarantee of choosing the right method, technique or the way to reach the respondent. Therefore, we invite you to contact us and cooperate with us.

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