CLT Research

DRB Market Research in Poland offers Central Location Test – quantitative interviews associating a large number of respondents in city centers. Quantitative research is used to test new or modified products and can be applied in the study of advertising materials or packaging. We do CLT research in the largest cities of Poland: Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Katowice, Bełchatów, and Kraków. The entire CLT planning process requires specific locations that allow the interception of a large number of people in a spontaneous manner. For simple quantitative research using CLT research technique, we use our Call Center studios that ideally work for conducting these tests using electronic questionnaires. For more complex CLT research, we use specially prepared rooms that are designed in accordance with the clients needs.

CLT Research is the type of quantitative research, that is why the size of the room as well as elements and the availability of necessary equipment for conducting tests are an important factor in choosing a place. Depending on the tested product, we use different ways of recruiting respondents. Conducting an interview with respondents in the same place and at the same time guarantees us control over external factors that could affect the results of the study.

The proper training of people conducting the research is extremely important in terms of controlling the research. An advantage of this type of research is that the team of our project management specialists can control the flow of information between the users and the client, thanks to which we can implement changes in the research scenario during the study. Thanks to the process of personal control, we obtain high quality results. In the case of specialized tests, the most effective is telephone recruitment, due to which we can profile respondents.

When planning central location tests research, we make a number of decisions that affect the quality and market value of the information obtained. We approach each study with full professionalism. When cooperating with us, you can be sure that we are fully committed to each project.

We encourage you to work with our company.

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