DRB Market Research Agency offers neuromarketing research in Poland, which mainly deals with research of psychophysiological reactions of consumers to products or services. Generally speaking, neuromarket research in Poland is all activities that, thanks to research in the field of psychology and psychophysiology allow to improve marketing content. The results of the study allow to determine how people react to a given stimulus, in this case advertising. Neuromarket in Poland is therefore helpful as a support for sales processes in adjusting advertising content to the customer. The results of Polish neuromarketing research enrich experts’ knowledge about their field. The broadly understood neuromarket covers various research methods and checks multiple human reactions.

The most popular Polish neuromarketing research used for neuromarket needs include electroencephalography (EEG), studies of the electrodermal reaction, electromyography (EMG), functional magnetic resonance, examination of eye movements and many others. However, it is worth remembering that neuromarket together with its research only partially affects the success and effectiveness of a specific advertisement or the entire campaign. Many other factors and conditions also determine what effects it will bring. Polish neuromarketing research is extremely important, especially in the phase of testing promotional materials before their emission. Each case should be considered separately.

Let`s talk about neuromarketing research in Poland

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