Audience Identification

Audience identification of products and services fits perfectly with market research. If the enterprise has the desire and the need to introduce a new product or service, it must be tailored to the specific target group. First of all, the place of residence, age, place of purchase of a given new product, consumer habits and as well as the frequency of the new substitute must be included. When doing this, the actual and potential choices of product consumers are taken into account. Such research helps to improve relationships with current clients. In this way, you can also gain new clients and increase their loyalty.

The analysis of shopping preferences and customer satisfaction is recommended when trying to introduce a product or service that will effectively meet the needs of customers. Customer satisfaction is also one of the determinants of positive perception of the company, moreover, it increases the chance of buying a product or using a service again. When analyzing the presented proposal for the identification and classification of processes carried out in the audited entity, it should be stated that the management based on processes will not be possible without an appropriate IT tool in which the system of correct measurement of the separated processes will be defined.

A structured measurement system should cover all identified processes, regardless of their impact on creating value for a given organization. Currently in the era of globalization, the emergence of new markets and competitors, growing customer requirements, and above all, information processing and knowledge management, managers in the fight for the market existence of enterprises were forced to transform their rigid functional systems into dynamic and flexible structures.

One of the first stages of implementation of process orientation in an enterprise is the identification of processes occurring in it, which is understood as the inclusion of a sequence of activities carried out in the unit and their appropriate classification. In e-business, it is extremely important to reach a potential customer in the thick of information. You can unsuccessfully send e-mails with advertising and expose yourself to association with spam. However, you can also use reliable marketing techniques based on website optimization, personalization and audience profiling.

Let`s talk about audience identification

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