Advertising tests

DRB Market Research company specializes in advertising tests in Poland using quantitative and qualitative methods. Polish advertising tests are series of research techniques that allow you to get information about advertising projects and effectiveness of advertising campaign and the level of understanding of advert messages. The basic element of a good advertising campaign is its effectiveness. It is not enough for the advertisement to be attractive to the recipient. In order for the campaign to bring the intended effect, the advertisement must be noticed and positively evaluated by the consumer from the target group. Therefore, consumer research plays such an important role in the process of planning an advertising campaign.

about Advertising tests

Advertising tests available in our offer allow you to create a precise advertising campaign by adjusting its promotional message to the needs of clients. They are used for comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness of already used advertising methods. These tests, due to the use of various types of measurement techniques, allow for: identifying those elements of the ads that are the best and the worst perceived, and assessment of the effectiveness of reaching the groups target. Polish ad tests can be divided into three basic groups. The first one is research supporting the creation of advertising strategy. They include both the selection of advertising forms as well as the analysis of individual advertising materials that create an advertising campaign. The second group is research based on assessing the accuracy and effectiveness of new ideas for an advertising campaign, along with linking them with media.

The third group is research evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns carried out based on brand awareness indicators, the visibility of the advertising message and changes in the brand image. After the research, the client receives a report.

Final raport

In the case of advertising tests in preceding the advertising campaign it will be a report containing the assessment of the tested concepts and recommendations for changes that the advertising agency should consider in the final shape of the campaign. In the case of campaign effectiveness , it will be a report containing a comparison of brand awareness indicators and areas of the advert – it could, for example, be the elements of the brand’s image, the increase or the lack of recognition of the brand, associations about the brand. Advertising expenses are much higher than the cost of testing, which allows you to verify their effectiveness and reception. Therefore, trust Professional and use our offer. A well-thought-out approach to advertising is a guarantee of success.

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