Geolocation interviews

DRB Market Research Agency offers CAWI geo-questionnaire thanks to our extensive internet panels (Computer-Assisted Web Interview – a computer-aided interview using a website). As one of the leading research companies for several years, we learn the needs of our clients and advise on communication methods, building brand value and shaping media coverage of the most popular brands in the world. Thanks to the rich tradition and cognitive activity, we have created a significant knowledge based on marketing and marketing communication. This knowledge, combined with excellent orientation in the marketing world, allows us to offer effective business solutions. Geolocation online research is a method that is carried out online. CAWI technique significantly facilitates the survey of large groups of respondents in the relatively shortest time. Online research conducted by panels is one of the forms of quantitative measurement that we offer you.

These tests are carried out electronically. For this purpose personal questionnaire is used. Thanks to the online survey method, online surveys can be carried out on large groups of respondents, while ensuring the anonymity of the respondents and the possibility of running multiple independent measurements in parallel with a significant reduction of time and cost of the research. When conducting research using the online method, DRB research is guided by experience and uses research software that ensures reliability of surveys – also those that are made available to customers through a license.

Advantages of the CAWI geo questionnaire: – the possibility of including in the survey both text questions as well as graphic and multimedia elements (videos, sound, for example a question about the opinion on advertising in the media) – low costs of method implementation – fast (especially compared to the PAPI method) access to the data obtained and the possibility of a quick analysis, because the data are already in electronic form after obtaining – no risk of error made by the interviewer (compared to the PAPI method and CATI methods) – if you notice an error after creating a survey, it is easier to correct it than if you have to deal with classic paper surveys.

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