Dyads and Triads

The DRB Polish Market Research Agency offers the implementation of the Dyads and Triads (Diada and Triada method) in Poland, which is based on non-quantifiable parameters. It is aimed at understanding the attitudes or phenomena studied, and is used especially in opinion polls and individual motivations, preferences and attitudes. The Polish Diads, or qualitative interviews with two respondents, offer the comfort of a longer and more personal contact with the consumer, which always translates into a better understanding of the market situation. It is used in a situation where there is a need for more information about a new quality, confrontation of opinion or different attitudes. Their clash triggers a strong need to defend their reasons in the respondents, and thus provides the researchers with a rich material, implemented in a natural environment (flat, home) for the respondent, in which he feels comfortable.

Diads in Poland are very attractive alternative to individual interviews. They are characterized by dynamic dynamics, and thus they work where interactions between consumers are necessary while deeply understanding individual attitudes.

Homogenous dyads – it is used when the essence of the studied issue is the dynamics of interaction of two specific persons (eg joint marriage decisions). Polish heterogeneous Diades – characterized by a confrontation of two opposing opinions or views. The clash of consumers of two competing brands or supporters of different views liberates the participants in a strong motivation to defend their position or opinion. In this way it allows you to observe what elements of persuasion respondents are more susceptible to.

On the other hand, the triads combine the advantages of a dyad in Poland (a small number of participants, the dynamics of confrontation) with the mechanisms of group processes, an interview conducted with three participants. Thanks to the triad, we are able to learn, for example, the views of a group of friends on a given topic or family purchasing decisions. By joining a third person’s dyad we achieve synergy and a snowball effect, but we do not have to worry about the effect of group thinking. The third person acts as a catalyst in the discussion. Our Polish qualitative research is conducted exclusively by experienced moderators, and the quality methods we use are individually selected for each project.

The selection of a sample, generally unrepresentative and deliberately chosen, has a very significant impact on the reliability of the research for our company in this case. Research allows us to look at a given issue through the eyes of respondents, see the phenomenon and examine it. Qualitative research in Poland of this type may be part of the collection of information for the optimal design of the quantitative research, as well as a separate, integral research project that allows making important marketing decisions.

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