Sensory tests

DRB Market Research agency offers sensory tests in Poland. DRB Research experts ensures timely and reliable analysis and preparation of a readable and visually attractive report that allows our clients to make decisions related to the tested product. By engaging the senses, marketers build positive associations with the brand and product. The network of associations affects shopping impulses – it makes the customer put a given product into the basket not because of an in-depth analysis of its properties, but because of the affection for the brand. Sensory research in Poland is a method that allows to obtain objective and precise answers to questions. It is based on the use of a group of sensory analysis experts trained in perception and describing sensory experiences related to the tested product.

The use of statistical analysis methods allows to obtain a reliable description of sensory experiences related to the perception and consumption of a given product. Sensory research is carried out in two stages.  After the initial training, the panel of experts meets during the discussion session, during which the tasting of the tested products takes place and the characteristics that differentiate these products (the so-called differentiator) are determined. The choice of product features to be analyzed may be based on consensus, when the experts select terminology during the discussion, or based on the selection of differentiators according to a predetermined list built on the basis of available literature data. In the second stage of the study, a proper quantitative descriptive analysis is carried out. It takes place in two sessions, during which each expert evaluates a certain number of products using the evaluation card.

The usefulness of sensory analysis: learning consumer preferences, quality control of finished products and semi-finished products, optimizing the recipe of new food products, comparing the new product with competing products, monitoring the quality of products on sale. According to the Mood analysis, sensory marketing is getting more and more important. Skillfully selected sound, fragrance and visual stimuli influence customer purchasing decisions, improve perception and memory processes. As a consequence, consumers remember the brand more easily and return to it more often. Trust our specialists and become a customer of DRB Research Market in Poland.

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