Conjoint analysis

DRB Research offers conjoint analysis in Poland. An important aspect that has a decisive impact on the enterprise market successes is to understand consumer behavior and to know its preferences. Our experts will help you to understand the expectations of the consumer in relation to the product offered. Our task is to improve its parameters, give it the most desirable features and improve the product. Consumer behavior will allow you to verify marketing decisions in all phases of offer development market. In connection with the above, the key task is to conduct research on consumer behavior.

As a company, we’re committed to improving the offer enterprises to the expectations of buyers. It is not only cognition that is important, but also anticipating needs and even creating them. It requires learning about the characteristics of consumers, the styles of life and regularities that appear in the society consumer behavior on the market.

Conjoint is an effective method:

  1. allowing to know the expectations of customers
  2. to measure their preferences
  3. to examine the similarities and differences existing between alternatives in the possibilities of choosing from a whole range of offered products.

This method is based on analyzing the combined impacts of many product features on purchase decisions made by consumers on the selected product. The main application of this method is testing the market maturity of a new product, the market position of existing brands, the consequences of product transformation, the level of acceptance of new product variants, the estimated market share of new products in the field of competition and the determination of the price that brings optimal profit.

The main advantages of using conjoint as a product test are:
– in the comparative process, entire products are evaluated, not their isolated features
– the most-preferred link between the price and usability is determined product
– demand preferences can be individually analyzed
– taking into account the impact of competition offers, you can determine which tendencies statements have the greatest chances in alternative marketing strategies, there is high compliance with reality.

This method allows parallel examining market preferences and segmentation and creating the ideal product for individual market segments. Focuses primarily on product evaluation, name and price. . This method allows you to simulate the buyer selection after the introduction a modified or new product as well as developing a product model. It focuses on the attributes of the product and price, because it allows you to specify exactly what the price level or technical parameter of the product is satisfactory for the buyer.

The end result of the analysis will be development of product profile and determination of characteristics describing potential buyers belonging to a separate segment. We invite you to cooperation. DRB Research in Poland.

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