Polish Research Institute DRB offers CASI surveys in Poland, which is similar to the CAPI interview methodology, but in this case the respondent independently reads the questionnaire from the screen and personally enters his / her own answers to the computer. The respondent feels comfortable and spends as much time as he needs for the survey. The respondent can freely answer even the most intimate questions. CASI research offer in Poland is dedicated to Pharmaceutical and FMCG Companies and to any other company that requires 100% anonymity of data collection given to the respondent. Each research project ends with the preparation of a report reflecting transparent when developing research problems.

Based on experience, a proven methodological and IT background and many years of market observation we will provide you with a comprehensive research offer. We have 1,100 CAPI / CASI interviewers in Poland and 16 trained regional coordinators who make sure that the research is representative and carried out in accordance with the international ESOMAR standards. We approach the quality of collected data with great commitment, which is why we ensure 100% transparency in the implementation of each research project. Our company performs two methods of CASI research: * in a professional CATI studio, where the respondent comes to the studio and completes the questionnaire himself on the computer; * market research at respondent’s home. The interviewer comes with a mobile device and the respondent fills out the questionnaire.

Just like in case of CAPI, the computer system verifies the correctness of the entered data and guarantees quick preparation of the report and statistical analysis of the obtained results. The contact of the respondent with a qualified interviewer ensures that the entire survey is completed and encourages the respondent to give thoughtful answers. Presentation of multimedia content allows to enlarge the scope of research in comparison to traditional methods of opinion survey. The advantage of the CASI survey in Poland is the relatively low cost of the project implementation. Our priority is the highest quality of services and unquestionable customer satisfaction. We approach each project individually and guarantee professionalism in every detail.

We invite you to take advantage of the CASI Research offer of DRB Market Research in Poland.

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