Price tests

DRB Polish Market Research agency offers a price and demand test in Poland. The price and demand contain very important information, which gives a reference point for the company’s strategy. To examine these features, we distinguish several methods of analyzing this issue. We define the method choice by analyzing several very important factors that are established at the beginning of cooperation, namely we want to verify whether we only have to examine a given product already existing on the market or whether it should be tested on a comparative basis with other products that already exist on the market or should we get information about the size of demand or price flexibility of demand in Poland. These methods can be combined or used separately.

DRB Research specialists conduct Polish price and demand tests usually with the help of interviews or questionnaires, which are always matched with the assumptions of the study. Therefore, we collect information about consumer reactions on the price of the product or service being tested. It is important to capture the relationship between the expected, acceptable and maximum price in some target groups. Depending on the entire price and demand test structure, our report will include either accurate knowledge of the price level in relation to the declared demand for a product or a detailed demand study for individual versions, it may also include an analysis of the price level as to previously determined production costs and distribution and the sales profit assumed earlier.

Price and demand test may be related to the type of simulation as to the sales volume at different price versions. Thanks to our in-depth analysis through the price and demand tests, your company will be able to understand and, therefore identify the fundamental changes that should be introduced in the structure of production or sales. The implementation of our research covers the whole country. Our company carries out these very important tests for your company in a professional and consistent manner with the protection of personal data and the principles of research ethics.

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